Lee Tyler

Abstract Art

Born in 1969, Lee grew up in north London, he became interested in art after spending many hours watching his grandmother paint;
His art education began with an Art foundation Diploma at the Herts college and in 1999 he graduated with a BA (Hons) in Art and Design from Hatfield University.

Lee Tyler has been one of the country's most prominent leading abstract painters ever since.

Lee draws his inspiration from all that is organic, natural and experimental, these fundamentals can be seen in his latest works where to some degree he has no control .

Lee’s basic palette is mostly primary colours yellow, red and blue and he tries to maintain the purity of these colours throughout the painting process.

Lee’s current works were created by applying lots of paint and gels mixed with water to create a very fluid uncontrollable effect, finished in a unique resin coating.

We are very excited to be displaying his latest paintings in the gallery.